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I wanted to take the time to thank Vema Staffing Partners again for giving me the opportunity for my “american dream”. They we’re very helpful and supportive from day 1 of hire till the end of contract. As a new RN to US it was a tough journey but Vema had help me a lot and walked me through to all the process.
I highly recommend this company to all the aspiring nurses to work in the US, the vema staff will assist you till the very end.

Ofelia M.

To me, VEMA is not only a recruitment agency but also a family. I believe that is one reason that makes them set apart from the rest of the staffing companies. Since day 1, they have been patient in my requirement completion, prompt in processing my papers and supportive in my undertaking as I begin my transition and start work as RN in California. With their competitive offers and benefits, I was able to jump start a fulfilling nursing career, develop personally, grow my relationships with family,loved ones and friends here, join great communities and enjoy more travel adventures. Overall, this company has been a gift and a blessing not only to me but also to my family, in many ways, that’s why I keep on recommending them to many of my friends because I also want them to receive the same opportunities that I experienced through them. For all these, I am truly grateful! Thank you VEMA Family!❤️

Crystalene N.

A true professional. They helped and guided us from start to finish I could always count on them when needed most. Thank you VEMA

Chip E.

Vema Staffing Partners for me performed with high minded professionalism ,exceptional responsiveness,kind-hearted attitude in providing us a beautiful staff house to stay, a major paradigm shift of stable jobs so these guys rocked thanks so much for doing a great job to us. On top of it, they have the ultimate competitive advantage over other employers. They treat us like FAMILY.

Maria D.

Grateful for the people behind VEMA, who paved the way in the fullfilment of my US dream. At first, I was apprehensive embarking to a new country with a different culture. Amazingly, my transition was very graceful. Thanks to VEMA (esp. to David & Mike) who were there to guide and provide all out support with provision of staff house, endorsement and pre employment processing.  And finally, deployment to a suitable hospital with a peaceful community (with many filipinos) for me and my family. I found a new home.

Ria C.

Signing up with VEMA was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. They guided us every step of the way and made sure that everything was dealt with in a very professional manner. More importantly, once we got here in the U.S. they saw to it that we were comfortable, and addressed each of our concern promptly. They delivered their promise. Couldn’t have asked for more. Always greatful! More Power to VEMA!

Lovella M.

I was abandoned in 2016 by my former employer and that was very heartbreaking. But when I learned about VEMA, I gave it a try and they did not hesitate to petition me as their nurse. It is a great blessing! I have waited for 10 years and finally my dream of becoming a USRN has come true. The process was smooth and they made sure that every detail is looked after during the course of my immigrant application. They opened the door of opportunity for me and they have showed support in my desire to be better in my profession through trainings and workshops.  I am glad to become a part of their team of nurses.

Adelyn D.

I will remain thankful and blessed for the opportunity given to me that also blessed my family... They helped us from the beginning from a safe place to stay while waiting for hospital position to finding a house to rent for our family near the hospital where we are assigned. They also helped us talked to the housing management because we dont have credit history yet, so we can get the house near to work. They provided groceries while 5 of us nurses stayed on a hotel with breakfast included. They are the boss and the driver that accompanied us on filing the requirements needed. Mike and David are not just the boss, they are good friends...

Aileen C.

They took care of everything regarding the processing of your application. You just do your part by having continuous tertiary hospital bedside experience, and passing the exams.

Gary E.

I have worked with VEMA Staffing Partners for the past decade --- They helped me as I took my NCLEX and IELTS exams, as I went through the immigration process, and finally, as I settled in to the workplace and the new community here in the USA. In 2008, I was a fresh graduate, who was hired on-the-spot in one of their hiring events in the Philippines. They waited for me to gain the required clinical experience, and did not give up on me (and all other nurses) in spite of the visa retrogression. I am truly thankful to VEMA Staffing Partners for their support and guidance, and for this life-changing opportunity. I encourage all nurse colleagues to never give up on your American dream because it is definitely worth the wait.

Pauline B.

I had encountered problems when I still in the Philippines, did not have enough hospital experience that time but VMS stayed with me all throughout and waited for me till I finished my needed hospital experience requirements. They remained true to their promise of bringing me to the US, and I owe it to them for opening the doors of opportunities for me. Thank you Mike, David and Robyn!

Imee S.

A BIG THANKS to both David and Michael for the support and the opportunity to work here in California!

Richard Y.

Today marks our 2nd year in USA.I will be forever grateful to the people behind VEMA staffing especially to Michael,David and Agnes for guiding us,provided assistance,dealt with all our needs and made our American dream came true.My process on my exams and departure was a long journey due to the  challenges and problems we encountered and they patiently waited and provided and resolved my concerns until we reached our most awaited moment.Bringing my family in USA and placed in a hospital that gave us an opportunity not only for me to work,gain knowledge,skills,experiences and  obtained a second family.More importantly they're not only my employer but they're a family for us .Thank you so much VEMA.You are all blessing to each nurses  and its family.More power!

Russel L.

VEMA Staffing Partners was of great help for me. I was introduced to them when hope was almost lost in me. Prior to meeting them, I was being handled by another agency. At that time, I have been processing my papers for many years and have spent so much already until the agency gave up on me due to some problems. Because of this, I already accepted the idea of just staying in the Philippines. Thankfully, I was introduced to VEMA. They handled my case professionally and with compassion as they understand the difficulty of going through the entire application process. After a few years since I first met them, I am now in the US as a registered nurse. VEMA has been a part of my journey in achieving my dreams and I highly recommend them to other nurses who want to pursue a career in the US.

Michael R.

My american dream was 10 years in the making. I was abandoned by my first employer and luckily VEMA recaptured me. Thanks to David and Michael I was able to take a huge step in achieving my dreams. They were there for me from start up to now.

Raissa C.

Waited for my American dream for 10 long years, 3 or 4 retrogressions, abandoned by the first hospital assigned to me.

VEMA opened its doors to me, Maam Agnes reached out to me,helped me with all my papers and get the dream going, not to mention it was not just me but my entire family. Finally 2016 came, it was real quick, interview, visa, July 2016, found myself in LAX Everything was taken cared of. August came, we landed in our hospital assignment. They helped all the way in processing the requirements for RN licensing.

I am very thankful for the trust, the opportunity and for helping me out every step of the way. VEMA is a big blessing to me and my family. To more years of helping aspiring nurses to reach their dreams!

Trizza M.

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